Tuesday, May 26, 2009

DB505 - Flower Bloom

Glass Beads (8mm)
Flower beads connector
Silver seed beads
Rhodium plated Chain (8mmx5mm)
Toggle Clasp

18 cm

RM 18

DB504 - Lime

** * No remakes ****

Apple Green Cat's Eye (10mmx8mm)
Flower beads connector
Aqua seed beads
Rhodium plated Toggle Clasp

19 cm (end to end)

RM 17

DB503 - Garden Fun

Pewter Charms and Metal Charms
Fire-polished Glass beads (Rosaline and Peridot)
Aqua seedbeeds
Carved Chain
Rhodium plated Toggle Clasp

17.5 cm (end to end)

RM 19

Note : Length can be adjusted at no cost

DB502 - Just Charms

Some like it plain.....like me.

***Remake x 2

Carved Chain
Pewter Charms

Toggle Clasp

17.5cm (end to end)

RM 18

Note : Length can be adjusted at no cost.

DB501 - Just Hearts

*** remake x 1 - future remakes needs to be pre-ordered***

Enamel Rhinestone Charms(Big)
Oval Link Chain
Toggle Clasp


18.5 cm (end to end)


RM 18

Note : Length can be adjusted at no cost.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Thanks A Bunch ( 29-01-10)

Thank you , thank you and thank you to the following review blogs for displaying my handmades! Truly appreciated.

A Shopaholic's Den

Detailed Wears


Thanks A Bunch ( 04 -01-10)

Thank you , thank you and thank you to the following review blogs for displaying my handmades! Truly appreciated.

A Shopaholic's Den

Little Accompaniments

Thanks a bunch ( 11-12-09)

Thank you A Shopaholic's Den for featuring DB128 - Moonlighting

Truly Appreciated.

Thanks a bunch ( 02-12-09)

Thanks a bunch to My Basic Fashion Folder for featuring DB122 - Forbidden Fruit.

Greatly appreciated.

Thanks A Bunch ( 23-11-09)

For all the trouble that they took to feature my items, I'm would like to specially thank A Shopaholic's Den for featuring DB117 - Glittering Tutu

And Little Accompaniments for featuring DB118 - Rainbow Over Horizon

And Style2Info for helping me display this.

Greatly appreciated!!!!

Thanks A Bunch ( 19-11-09)

Special thanks to Little Accompaniments for featuring DB116 - Carefree. Truly Appreciated.

Thanks A Bunch ( 08-11-09)

Just came back from a short getaway ....only to be pleasantly surprised by Fashiono.my for featuring DB113 - Sweet Like You.

So Thank You, Thank You and Thank You to Fashiono.my ( Fashion + Economy). Truly Appreciated.

Thanks A Bunch ( 03-11-09)

Thank you , thank you and thank you to

A Shopaholic's Den for featuring DB111 - Hummingbird

And Little Accompaniments for featuring DN104 - Simplicity

I love you gals!!!!

Thanks A Bunch ( 19-10-09)

Thank you , thank you and thank you to

Little Accompaniments for featuring DB105 - Dancing Pals

And Style2info for featuring DB104 - Reunion

Featured in Styl2Info ( 13-10-09)

Thank you so much Style2.info for featuring ' DB103 - Cherrylicious'. Truly appreciated.

Reviewed in TrinketsBelow50 ( 30-30-09)

Special Thanks to Trinketsbelow50 for featuring DN103- Rosy Hearts. Truly Appreciated.

Break Time ( June 11th-June 16th)

{picture sourced from here }

May or may not access my email during this time. However emails will be taken care of right after I come back. Happy Holidays!!!!

At the same time would just like to thank Shoppers Bite for reviewing DB1601 - Kingsley. Greatly appreciated.

Featured In Little Accompaniments ( 26-09-09)

Thanks you so much little accompaniments for featuring DB913 - Pristine. Truly Appreciated

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Featured In Beading Galery ( 17-09-09 )

Special Thanks To Beader's Gallery for featuring DB918 - All About Hearts
and DB913 - Pristine. Truly Appreciated.

Featured In Detailed Wears (21-09-09)

Special Thanks to Detailed Wears For Featuring DB918 - All About Hearts and DB914 - Dalila. Truly Appreciated.

Featured in Style2.info ( 09-09-09)

Special thanks to Style2.info for featuring ' DB910 - Lavender.

Reviewed in Detailed Wears (27-08-09 )

Special Thanks to Detailed Wears for displaying DB903 - Guardian Angels and
DB905 - Grace. Truly appreciated.

Featured in Inverse.dot ( 21-08-09)

Special thanks to Inverse.dot for featuring DB704 - Captivated (item 05)

Spotted in Style2.info (25-08-09)

Special thanks to Style2.info for 'spotting' DB905 - Grace.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thanks a Bunch ( 26-11-09)

Thanks to Little Accompaniments and Style2Info for featuring the products below.

Greatly appreciated

Reviewed In Little Accompaniments ( 17-07-09)

Special thanks to Little Accompaniments for featuring DB505 - Flower Bloom. Really appreciate that.

Featured In Detailed Wears ( 12-07-09 )

Special thanks to Detailed Wears for featuring "DB704 - Captivated "

Friday, May 22, 2009

Not Open For Business Yet

I guess I need to put on a note to say that this blog is not open for business yet.
Still doing the nitty gritty stuffs and boys had just finished their exams. Would be away during the June holidays. I'm targetting July 1st to update and post my creations.
Stay tuned.........................

Friday, May 8, 2009

How To Order

1) Contact Me
Contact me via mag2tree@yahoo.com with the following details.

2) Fill in the following Order Form

Your Name :
Contact number :
Mailing Address :
Item Code/Name :
PaymentMethod:Bank In/ Online Transfer
Postal Method : Pos Laju

Special Intructions : ( any adjustment in lengths..etc)

Currently Payment Method ( For Malaysians) is only available via Maybank

For International Customers : Paypal ( USD )

3 ) Wait for Confirmation Email
After confirming that the product is available, I will get back to you with my account no and total cost within 48 hours.

4) Make Your Payment
Please pay to the respective bank account that is provided in my mail within 3 days. If you fail to make the payment within 3 days, your order will be cancelled and make available to others.

5) Payment Notification
Once Payment Is Done, please notify me via email.
All items will be bubble wrapped and I will shipped them out the next day after payment unless your item requires some adjustments.


At the bottom of each post there are various labels attached to it....i.e Available, Reserved, Off the Rack, Gemstones... for easy navigation.

Basically when an item shows

a) Available - product is available to be shipped anytime
b) Reserved - someone has indicated interest and in the midst of payment
c) Off The Rack - item has been sold
d) To Remake - request to make items that has been sold. This status is actually for myself to keep track on remakes so as not to miss out anything.

For "Off The Rack" items , do check if a remake is possible. Mostly gemstones items are not remakeable...but sometimes something similar can be done.

Choosing Bracelet Length

How to choose the length of your bracelet?

Using a cloth tape measure, wrap the tape around the wrist,(right after the wrist bone) and add 2.5 cm to the measurement. That will be the length of your bracelet.

For example:
a) if your wrist measure 15 cm , add 2.5 cm and you would order a 17.5 inch bracelet.

b) if your wrist measures 15.8 cm add 2.5 cm, which would give you 18.3cm, round off to the nearest cm , that would give you 18.5 cm.

Jewelry Care

How to take care of your jewelry?
The longevity of your jewelry depends on how you take care of it.
  • Do not wear your jewelry during swimming or taking a bath.
  • Do not allow your jewelry to come into contact with your lotions, perfumes or makeups.

How to clean rhodium plated metal.
Clean it with the soft cloth. Though rhodium is a precious metal, time rubs it out, so it’s important to be careful when cleaning it.

How to Take Care of Your Swarovski Jewelry
The easiest and most convenient way is to use baby wipes to restore the shine of your Swarovski jewelry.
Wipe it a couple of times before you use a dry and clean cloth or tissue to dry it off. One important thing to note is that if you are using a tissue, make sure that you do not use those which contain lotion.

How to take care of your pearls.
Use a dry, soft cloth, or, if necessary, a slightly damp cloth. Pearls which have developed a film from lotions or makeup can be cleaned with a solution of gentle soap and water placed on a soft cloth. Whenever your pearls come in contact with water, either through the cleaning process or otherwise, be sure to let them air dry before putting them away.

Caution : never use solutions that contain ammonia or harsh detergents to clean your pearls as it can damage or discolour them.

How to store the jewelry
  • All the jewelry should be kept in closed jewelry boxes or zip lock bags after wiping dry with a soft cloth.
  • Keep away from heat and direct sunlight.
  • Never store your jewelry in the bathroom (esp. silver jewelry) because all the metals and stones are afraid of damp.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Start

Below are some of the items sold Offline. As this still my new found hobby, I am yet going into full swing.....I will continuously put out posting should I have any new items for sale. My very first masterpiece .....

My Love For Charms

Queen Of My Heart

I love flowers too